Metz Culinary Management was established in 1994 as a custom dining management service company- with a "guest first" philosophy- for a variety of marketing segments, including healthcare, school services, higher education, and corporate dining. Our commitment is to provide restaurant-inspired hospitality for each and every guest.

By taking the time to learn the needs of those we serve, Metz Culinary Management provides unsurpassed service that exceeds the needs of our guests. In keeping with our focus on guest satisfaction, Metz expanded in 2000 to include an environmental services division that offers clients a greater variety of outsourcing solutions, including maintenance, housekeeping, laundry and security.

Today, with over 150 clients, Metz Culinary Management is one of the top 20 food service contract management company in the United States. We currently manage more than 150 accounts with managed volume in excess of $200 million. Metz Culinary Management continues to provide custom dining and environmental management services with our guest-first philosophy.


Metz Culinary Management is the family-driven company that collaborates with its clients to deliver restaurant-inspired hospitality to each and every guest.



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